A light evening meal when dinner is at midday.

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Gorgeous Suppers

Gorgeous Suppers

A gorgeous supper nowadays is often the treat of the day. We've all but given up on breakfast, and lunch for many is a grab-and-go affair. But at the end of the day we get to shift gear. Time is an important factor. With Annie Bell's expertise, cooking an easy, satisfying dinner becomes something we can all accomplish. Satisfy your carb cravings with a Linguine alla Carbonara; have a cosy night in with Steak and Wild Mushroom Carbonade; or...


Laduree Entertaining

Laduree Entertaining

In this beautifully designed book, Laduree presents us their lifestyle ideas. From breakfast to a formal dinner party, a brunch with friends, an elegant picnic, a family lunch, a snack, high tea, a romantic dinner or supper by the fire: ten themes, ten moments in the day for which Laduree shares its advice and ideas for menus and table decoration. The book also includes ninety delicious recipes adapted by Ladurees chefs for the home chef.


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